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Melbourne,  VIC

Member Since May 2019
100% Response Rate
92% Completion Rate
  (81 Reviews)


Melbourne,  VIC

Member Since May 2019
100% Response Rate
92% Completion Rate
  (81 Reviews)

Jessie is very popular. Book soon to ensure you don't miss out.


AU$34.00 / HOUR  |   AU$265.00 / DAY  |   AU$272.00 / OVERNIGHT

Hi all! I’m a friendly and caring person who loves looking after kids.

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Jessie is very popular. Book soon to ensure you don't miss out.

Hi all! I’m a friendly and caring person who loves looking after kids.


Days Times
All days 4:30 am to 3:00 am


Tracey S .       May 2024

It was our first experience having a babysitter and Jessie made the nerves I felt ease.
Before booking was happy to answer any questions and kept communication open until her punctual arrival.
My 5 month old took to her patience, warmth, and kindness straight away. Teething has been a challenge and Jessie handled it as if it was no trouble at all.
I was given updates through the booking which helped continue to ease my nerves while I was away.
Didn’t realise how much I needed to fill my cup and Jessie made doing this possible.

Trudy T .       April 2024

Jess was fantastic!
She was easy to communicate with and very responsive. When she arrived, my girls felt at-ease straight away! She asked great questions to support the girls with their bed-time routine. When we were out, my little one vomited and she rang to let us know. Would highly recommend Jess and we'll have her again :)

Adam M .       March 2024

Subhash K .       January 2024

Jessie is a lovely carer, looked after my 6 month old baby without hassle. We highly recommend.

Laura M .       January 2024

Jessie was wonderful. My daughter warmed to her right away. Would absolutely book again

Josh H .       December 2023

Jess was great with our 4 months old

Chris L .       November 2023

Jessie did a great job, easy communication, reliable and punctual. She had a lovely manner with our daughter and the booking went very smoothly.

Alana T .       August 2023

Jessie was lovely - our 2 and a half year old warmed to her quickly. We had a last minute booking and her communication was great. Would highly recommend her.

Katie W .       August 2023

Jessie was great with our daughter. We highly recommend her.

Sarah M .       July 2023

Jess was fabulous! Would highly recommend her, she has a lovely attitude and is great with babies.

Megan H .       June 2023

Jessie was fantastic! She was great with our girls from the second she walked through the door, and our girls absolutely loved having her here. Thank you! :)

Sarah M .       July 2023

Jessie is wonderful! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. My 3 year old instantly loved her. She very competently cooked her dinner and got her to bed. When we came home the apartment was very clean, dishwasher on etc. In the morning my 3 year old woke up asking for Jessie - what a great sign!

Julian K .       May 2023

Jessie was very friendly and my son had a great time hanging out with her.

Simi F .       May 2023

Jess was awesome, the kids loved her!
We came home to a clean house and the dishwasher was put on.
Highly recommend. 😍

Hanan A .       May 2023

Thank you for looking after my daughter.

Briar W .       May 2023

Jessie was professional and fun. The kids loved her!

Savia D .       April 2023

Jessie has looked after our 5 month old daughter a few times now. She is clearly comfortable with babies, and very happy engaging with them, making us confident that our daughter is getting intellectual and emotional stimulation.

Jonathan D .       April 2023

Can't recommend highly enough. Jessie was a star.

Melissa V .       April 2023

Always amazing with Josh. Josh knows a few names in our family and often asks for Jess by name. Without any prompt, Jess jumps in and often find has helped clean up the kitchen too. Highly recommend.

Cecilia G .       April 2023

Jesse was running a bit late but she communicated this with me well in advance so I was aware. She was great with my 2 little girls, and when we got home we noticed she had cleaned up the kitchen. Would definitively have her looking after my girls again.

Alan A .       April 2023

Jessie was great, managing to get our five month old baby girl into a happy state even though the baby started the session in a grizzly mood, and to settle her quickly for a nap.

Georgia C .       April 2023

Jessie was fabulous, she came and helped me at the last second and was very professional and sweet with my 16month old.
Will use again ◡̈

Liam H .       May 2023

Jessie was fantastic and very attentive to our baby. She arrived on time and kept our baby fed, changed and entertained for the day. Highly recommended.

Jade C .       April 2023

Jessie looked after our 8 month old girl whilst my husband and I went out to the comedy festival. It was the first time leaving our girl with a baby sitter and we had no worries at all with Jessie in charge. We got updates throughout the night and even though our bub is teething, Jessie had no issues getting her down for sleep. Thanks again Jessie!

Emma B .       March 2023

Jessie is a sweet and kind person who was great with my fussy toddler. Highly recommend!

Audrey M .       March 2023

Jess was really responsive and easy to communicate with. We felt really comfortable leaving our 18 month daughter old with her (and she was immediately comfortable with her too!). Thank you for your help!

Grace J .       February 2023

She was lovely, good communication, right on time :)

Sarah G .       February 2023

Jessie arrived on time and was responsive to all communication. She really engaged positively with our 18 month old son, keeping him happy and entertained for 2.5 hours. Great experience.

Felix U .       January 2023

Jessie was great. The kids took to her immediately and had a great time and my wife and I had a carefree day without them. Perfect.

Ann M .       January 2023

Jessie was great and quickly built rapport with my toddler. My girl loves having her so much she was quite upset when she had to go. Thanks for a fun day keeping my little one active and happy 😊

Chris D .       January 2023

Jessie was great, we're certainly happy to use her again. Our daughter was a little off from a long flight the previous day and she handled things very well.

Irma K .       December 2022

Jessie was a hero. She took on a last minute booking for us after 2 cancellations- arrived on time, was immediately calm and created rapport with our 4yo. She did an awesome job and I hope we can have her round again soon!

Jen I .       November 2022

Jessie was great. Would highly recommend.
She even managed to persuade our 5 year old to sleep in his own bed without any fuss!!

Chris D .       October 2022

Jessie was fab! Would recommend :-)

Kate H .       September 2022

Very happy with Jessie

Crista A .       September 2022

Perfectly on time and felt so comfortable with her looking after our 6 month old, who can be very grizzly with strangers. Definitely recommend and would use her again for sure.

Kathryn H .       September 2022

Jess was amazing. This is the first time using Sittr and first time in 3 years since we had a babysitter. Jess was on time and my son had a great time, commented she was the best ever. I would confidently ask Jess to babysit again.

Sarah K .       September 2022

Jessie was kind and professional - would definitely hire again.

Meghan M .       October 2022

Jessie was a great communicator and took good care of our 10 month old son for a day and evening. She was flexible on the day with time changes and had a very caring nature. She also handled some nap and unsettled periods well.

Liam P .       September 2022

Jessie looked after our 6 month old, Kali. Kali have Jessie lots of smiles which she doesn’t usually do. Felt very comfortable leaving Kali with Jessie, would definitely rebook :)

Pasquale G .       August 2022

Jessie was prompt and did a great job minding our boys.

Carla M .       November 2022

We were delighted to hear from our 12 year old about all the fun and exciting stuff they did on their day out. Totally satisfied with Jessie and recommend her services.

Dinnia J .       July 2022

Jessie was great, on time, lovely and my daughter said she had fun playing with her.

Catherine M .       March 2022

Jessie is lovely, was on time and accepted my last minute booking. My kiddo loved her so we will definitely have her back!

Bodelle F .       February 2022

Jessie was very sweet and kind

Scott N .       March 2022

Jessie is a lovely girl. Looked after our 3 month old son perfectly. I highly recommended her services!

Sarah M .       February 2022

Jessie was fantastic. Super calm with our little boy who is usually quite shy however he warmed to her instantly. He has also not stopped talking about her which says it all. Highly recommend.

Kris D .       February 2022

Jessie was great. Arrived on time and the kids said that they had fun. Thanks very much Jessie.

Brett C .       February 2022

Punctual. Friendly. Kids loved her. Flexible. Would use again :)

Marlen F .       February 2022

Emma H .       January 2022

Jessie was a life saver and agreed last minute to look after our toddler after our other arrangement fell through. He loved her! She even got him to eat all his dinner when he'd been fussy all day. Seriously thank you 🙂

Alice C .       January 2022

Punctual, polite, calm and attentive. Many thanks, Jessie!

Rebecca C .       January 2022

Jessie was fabulous with my 5yo son, highly recommend!

Kylie C .       January 2022

Jess was great. Punctual. My boy was in very good hands.

Andrew A .       December 2021

Jessie was very natural and kind with our kids, they enjoyed spending time with her heaps. She was super punctual and very easy to communicate with

Kelvin B .       December 2021

Jessie helped us out at short notice and was great, punctual and the kids got on with her

Mark B .       December 2021

Jessie was lovely, on time, friendly and kids liked her. Would definitely recommend and be happy for her to come again.

Ida L .       November 2021

Excellent! Kids loved Jessie. Highly recommend and will use again :)

Anna W .       November 2021

Jessie took the job with very little notice and took good care of my 3 year old while I worked. She took her to the park, fed her snacks and lunch and entertained her. She seems reliable and trustworthy.

Victoria W .       November 2021

Jac B .       July 2021

Jessie was on time and super friendly. She established a bond with my little one straight away and kept her laughing and entertained. Look forward to booking Jessie again.

Rachel J .       May 2021

First time having Jessie she was good snd very calm n good vibration! Thanks for the help it was last minute. :-)

Clair M .       May 2021

Thanks Jessie for responding to my booking so quickly. You were punctual and friendly - just perfect!

Meg Y .       May 2021

Josie M .       April 2021

Jessie is great with my twins - always on time, really helpful and very attentive to their needs. Thanks Jessie 😊

Meg Y .       April 2021

Samantha H .       April 2021

Jessie was great, good communication and the boys had a great day with her, can definitely recommend her.

Cheryl Y .       April 2021

Punctual and friendly! Kids enjoyed having her

Rebecca C .       April 2021

Jessie was really great to deal with and my son had a great day with her. She engaged him in lots of different activities and kept the house tidy afterwards.

Tia B .       March 2021

Our second booking with Jessie for our 1 year old and she was excellent as usual. Highly recommended!

Emma R .       March 2021

Prompt, polite and kept my kids busy! Thanks

Lauren B .       March 2021

My daughter loves having Jessie over and I feel very comfortable leaving her in her care, thank you again ☺️

Calista S .       March 2021

Thank you Jessie for taking great care of my boys. They’ve enjoyed your company and would like to see you soon. Everything went ahead well which was great for a last minute booking. Highly recommend.

Aaron L .       February 2021

Tia B .       February 2021

Jessie was fantastic. She was punctual, friendly and confident. She was great with my 1 year old son and would definitely recommend her. Thanks Jessie!

Laura M .       February 2021

Jessie was lovely and great with our 11-month baby who took to her very quickly! Jessie seemed confident handling a small child and did all of our baby’s favourite things - reading books, interacting and playing. She fed her lunch at the required time and was good at soothing her when she was getting tired and fussy.
It was a great help to have Jessie come to help out while I worked on my assignment!!

Sarah O .       January 2021

Jessie was great with my son. He felt calm and looked after. Thank you Jessie

Chris S .       December 2020

Jessie was prompt, polite and kept up with my 10yo boy which is a feat in itself. Thank you Jessie, will definitely book again.

Lauren B .       December 2020

My 3 year old said Jessie was very nice and she would like her to come back another time :)

Sophie R .       December 2020

Jessie was great with my 20 month old daughter. We’d have her babysit again in a heartbeat!

Melissa V .       November 2020

Jessie was great with our little boy. She arrived on time, connected well with Joshie and great with his bedtime routine. Lovely nature and would recommend Jessie to others.


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